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Main Street Wadsworth seeks suggestions from local artists and a team of artists to design and create large scale street paintings in Downtown Wadworth. Each is hand-painted, and those completed in August will have a "match-make-match" style, similar to Main Street, but on a larger scale. The mural will be either a mural on the wall or in a wall on one side of the building, like a street sign or a sign.

The use of the mural is judged by a number of factors, including the size of the mural, the sense of tension it generates and the quality of its design. The jury evaluates them based on colour, texture, composition, colour scheme, style and other factors.

Each year, a minimum of $500 is awarded to an applicant who meets all of the above criteria and is recommended for selection by the Scholarship Committee. The main goal of this scholarship is to give students the opportunity to get a job in a company or industry in Ohio. Career leaders eligible for a scholarship include business administration, business administration, marketing, public relations, accounting, computer science, graphic design, engineering and other related fields.

These include, but are not limited to, art, music, design, photography, graphic design and other related fields. The artist should have at least one year of professional experience in the art and / or music industry.

The organization is excited to include this goal in its strategic plan and we are proud to have initiated the program for wall painting in the city center with great success. Art paintings allow us to celebrate the heritage of our city and also tell our story as a community. We are developing and maintaining a common identity on Main Street that will continue to drive our vision for the future of the city, our community and our downtown. Building on the success of projects like this, we will create a series of murals along the main streets of the city centre and in other areas of the city.

The wall project will be an ongoing process in which other buildings in the city centre will be identified as potential mural sites. Artists whose submissions are not selected for the first mural will be considered for identification for the following downtown locations. We work with the City of Ottawa, the City Planning Department and other city authorities during the review and approval process and ensure the timely execution of the last approved murals.

Preference is given to students in health science programs who are eligible to apply because of the Cleveland Clinic's workforce needs. Preference may be given to students who have or will have clinical rotations at clinics in Cleveland, as well as students who have or will have clinical rotations at our facilities. Students and family members pursuing other fields of study will also be considered. Priority will be given not only to the areas listed, but also to other areas of interest to our students.

The applicant's permanent residence must be a resident of Medina County, Ohio, or a member of the Ohio State University system. Students from the Medina County Career Center are also eligible to apply, as are students from one of our well-known districts. At least 18 years of age and not older than 18 years of age at the time of application and have a valid driving licence.

Non-traditional students seeking a degree in this field can apply for the Sharon and Kristine Dunham Scholarship. Members who are committed to a degree of disability - related areas - can apply for an H.O.P.E. scholarship, as can members of our community.

The scholarship is available to Hinckley residents who are currently in high school or are doing so this fall. Applicants must currently enroll in or plan to attend a school in mainland America, and must be enrolled full-time for a four-year degree - time for a health and A-levels program. Applicants must have been admitted to or be admitted to a public or private university or university with a Bachelor's or a Higher Education degree in health, education, health, public health and / or social work.

To qualify, applicants must have a university degree with an average grade point of above 2.0 while living in a residential home - with LMRE. Once the copies are received, they will be uploaded to the application by a member of the Centre for Health Sciences and Education. Applicants should include a completed form with their name, address, telephone number, date of birth and email address.

The application deadline is February, March or April, so that the winners can be selected and the scholarships awarded at the end of the school year. Application forms can be submitted online or in person at the WOHCA office at the Center for Health Sciences and Education, 614 - 543 - 4500.

More About Wadsworth

More About Wadsworth