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Kent State University announced Monday that this weekend's program, which is meant to honor and commemorate the four students from Kent who lost their lives in the tragic shooting of four unarmed black men by police, will be creative in showing potential new students that they can expect to see more mass events on campus. Kent State University announced a new rule for students on Monday: All university-sponsored events honoring the victims of Saturday's shooting must take place "virtually" on campus, according to a statement from the university's vice president for student affairs. On Monday, Kent City, Ohio - Kent County Public Schools (KCS) announced a weekend memorial program that will "honor and commemorate the lives of those killed and their families" and "prepare for a mass gathering of students, faculty, staff and staff on campus.

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Do the best things in Wadsworth, Ohio, visit our Business, Restaurants and Shopping View websites to see a list of the city's most popular restaurants, shops and shops as well as the latest news, weather, traffic and weather forecast for the next day and a half. Do the best you can when you do these 6 things you can do in and around Wadworth, Ohio. Visit our Companies, Restaurants, Shopping and Shopping website with a listing of all the popular shops, restaurants and shops in our city and more information about them.

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Lawrence J. Bricco's in Kent has a heated terrace and a party room that can accommodate up to 50 people. Live music is a big draw with rock nights on Thursdays with various live music of different genres on Fridays and Saturdays, and on stage is often a sparks ensemble known in the northern suburbs as Brewski. There are plenty of games, of which Hoffman Colorado is the best, with live drinking and television sports like football, basketball and baseball drawing large crowds every day of the week.

Lake Erie beach is a very reasonable drive, and the outdoor recreational opportunities are plentiful as there are too many local parks along the lake. The Portage County Senior Center began its gradual opening in October to welcome its first year of operation, which features festivals and activities in the park, as well as a variety of activities for seniors. This location also offers many amenities, including an indoor / outdoor pool, a pool house, an outdoor pool and a fitness centre. All major Cleveland attractions are within an hour's drive, including Ohio State University, the University of Akron and the Cleveland Clinic. Many of these facilities are located near Akron, including Akron-Cleveland Medical Center, Akron Public Library and Akron Children's Hospital.

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The following list includes 128 free or low-cost activities in Kent, Ohio, including a bike ride, beer garden, art gallery and more. Along with these categories are entertainment venues - oriented venues that need to be classified and evaluated separately, such as restaurants, bars, theatres, nightclubs and other entertainment venues.

Restaurants and bars must also ensure a minimum consumption of $2.50 per person per day of draft beer, and the bar must serve 2-50 local and draft beers at least once a week. During the football season, the kitchen offers special games - daily menus on Sundays and Mondays with hot dogs, wings and sliders. The American Bar & Grill (cadillacranchgroup.com) is open for lunch and offers a full menu and drinks selection, as well as live music and entertainment. It features an outdoor terrace overlooking the Ohio State University football field and a beer garden, as well as a bar serving beer, wine and draught spirits.

Travelers in Ohio who want to test their bull - horseback riding is available at bars with mechanical bulls all over the state. Buffalo Harry's (buffaloharry.com) offers plenty of entertainment, including a sumo wrestling match and a cornhole board, as well as its mechanical bull named Harry. It is claimed to have the meanest mechanical bull in all of Ohio, and it offers mechanical bulls at its lesser known location in West Lafayette, Ohio.

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More About Wadsworth